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Centershot F.A.Q's

  • Is the archery equipment provided?  Yes, we will supply the bow, arrows, & targets. 


  • Can I bring my own archery equipment?  No, leave your archery equipment at home as our safety net is designed to work only with our archery equipment.

  • Is archery experience required? Absolutely Not

  • Are refreshments provided?  Yes


  • How do I sign up?  Simply show up on any Wednesday on the calendar and you can sign up and participate.  

  • Can anyone participate?  Yes, however only those who can demonstrate the ability to safely control the bow and arrow will be permitted to shoot. 


  • Is it safe?  Absolutely!  Volunteers have successfully completed a basic archery instructor course and will ensure the safety of all participants. 


  • How long will the program last?  Centershot will basically follow the Grant County Schools calendar year meeting every Wednesday night beginning in the fall and ending in the spring.  We will not meet during school breaks, holidays or when school is cancelled due to inclement weather. 


  • Are there archery competitions?  Yes, participants can compete against other Centershot Ministry programs or at the state competition. 


  • What is the proper attire for archery?  Wear comfortable clothing.  Some prefer to wear a snug fitting long sleeve shirt.  Clothing with draw strings around the neck and long hair should be tied up.  NO OPEN TOE SHOES


  • Does it cost money to participate?  There is no cost to participate!


  • Is there more to the program than archery? Yes, each session includes a Bible based devotional that will guide individuals to know God and use some archery life skills as examples of this relationship.


  • How do I learn more about Centershot Ministries?  Visit their website @ or call Crittenden Baptist Church at (859) 428-3122.

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