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Schedule & Calendar


A Few Notes:

  • Depending on weather, illness and player availability, we may decide to host an additional Evaluation Session, but that will be announced depending on how the currently-scheduled evaluation sessions are held.

  • This is a general schedule for PLAYERS.  Coaches, members of the board, and volunteers will each have separate calendars which will be published separately.

  • Practices will be held Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 6 PM, 7 PM, and 8 PM.

  • The week of February 24th is currently scheduled as a by-week, but may be utilized for games ONLY if a previous game is canceled due to inclement weather.

    • If we determine a game cancelation is necessary, we will work to reschedule the game but any canceled practices will be rescheduled at the coach's discretion.  We will not reschedule practice sessions as an organization.

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